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Signatures, Merchanting, and Exact Prices

Today, I am announcing several new features for the Grand Exchange Updater. First off are the RuneScape signatures. This new feature will allow users to create signatures for use on blogs, forums, and any website. The signatures show off your latest adventures in the Adventure Log signature or your latest achievements in any skill or activity with the RuneScape goal signatures. The process is simple, enter your information in the form and submit, then copy your chosen code format provided and paste where ever you want to show off.

Secondly, I am announcing a new list of items called “merchantables”. This list is updated monthly with items that are good to merchant with in RuneScape. This is however, not an exact science. So, please have a look at the merchanting guide before diving in to these items, some of the items may not be very good to merchant. The merchantables are split up into three groups based on price fluctuations; high risk, medium risk, and low risk. Generally speaking, the more expensive an item, the higher risk.

The third and final feature being announced is more for the back-end. From now on, the updater will catalog exact prices down to the 1 gp for every single item. This means no more margin of error in the 50m gp range. You will be able to notice differences in the item graphs, and will see the exact price below the rounded price on the item pages. The downside is that the process takes much longer, so will not see the exact prices immediately after an update; but fear not, the notifications are still top priority and have been modified to work faster and more exact.

New Updater System

Today I launched a new behind the scenes update to the Grand Exchange Updater. I set up a new price updater that works MUCH faster! I used ParallelCurl by Pete Warden to get all the data in Parallel instead linearly. Previously, the updater was very slow, took in upwards of an hour sometimes, and often crashed. Now, the new updater takes under a minute.

There were a few bugs, as expected, with today’s update which resulted in several repeat notifications. I do apologize for that, but it is now fixed.

GE Updater – New Features

Today I am announcing the new GE Updater site. The GE Updater now has its separate Web site http://geupdater.com which focuses completely on RuneScape and the updater. The new site should be much easier to navigate and find items.
In addition to all of the old features I have added a few new features to help your merchanting or whatever you may use the service for. Read the details on the new features.

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