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Netflix Buttons v1.5 – WordPress Plugin

I just finished developing the first version of my plugin: Netflix Buttons. This is a simple plugin to add the add, play, or save buttons to any post/page. Optionally you can add the movie image as well. It is a very simple plugin that uses the Netflix API to check the availability of the movie and then posts the appropriate buttons and image.

All you need is the ID of the movie which can be gotten from the URL to post the buttons. Initial setup requires a registered API key and secret from Netflix. After that, just use the trigger text [netflix:MOVIE_ID:img:BOOL:end] in your post. Replace MOVIE_ID with the ID of the Netflix Movie, and replace BOOL with either true or false. View update information

Doctor Who on Netflix

I was in the mood to check out the classic Doctor Who I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m a big fan of the current series, but I really wanted to watch the classic Dr. Who so I could get some of the references and whatnot.

So, I decided to fill my entire Netflix Queue with classic Doctor Who DVDs :D The only bad news is some of the episodes are missing or not on Netflix yet, especially for the first couple of doctors. Once you get to the Third Doctor they are pretty much all there.

When I was compiling my list I really wish someone one had done what I am about to do, but lucky for you, no wishing :P Past the break is a lovely list, with links, to all the Doctor Who DVDs on Netflix in serial order of when they aired. I’ll try to keep it up-to-date and whatnot, may slack off a bit though. See the full list

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