5 Things I Rather Dislike About Websites

By: McSwindler

Here is a list of 5 things I encounter on Websites, most commonly via StumbleUpon. These things are things that I do not like about these websites. For each thing, I have provided examples and possible fixes.

1.) Absolutely Absurd Titles

I rather dislike when post titles use absolutes such as “5 Great Looking WordPress Themes You’ve Never Seen Before“, on the contrary I’ve seen two of them. Similarly, I dislike the titles like “Ultimate List of jQuery Plugins You Should Use on Every Website“, not every website has a necessity for all those plugins, it would just make the site slower.

Some suggestions would be to not use absolutes, for example: “5 Great Looking WordPress Themes You May Have Seen Before, But Probably Not”, but that is too long, keep titles short. So, how about something like this: “5 Great Looking WordPress Themes”. Who cares whether people have seen them or not, obviously if they are on the internet some people have seen them and the people who haven’t don’t need to be told so.

2.) Single Post on Multiple Pages

I rather dislike having to click another link to finish a single post, let alone 5 more links. I understand it can have some effect from a SEO standpoint, but readers are more important. I would much rather have to scroll for miles then click 100 links. It’s simply easier to scroll for most people because they have a scroll wheel right on the mouse and they don’t have to move the mouse. I know it sounds horribly lazy, but have you seen the people who use the internet? Look at yourself.

I had to click enough just to get to the post, I don’t want to click more to finish it. 9 times out of 10, I will not finish the post, I will only read the first page before moving on.

Example: Cracked

3.) Pop-Ups

Yes, popups, do I need to say more? Not really, but I will. Developers have, for the most part, moved past the actual new window pop up, disregarding porn sites. However, they have moved on to the in-window popup, sometimes referred to as a lightBox.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love lightBoxes when they are user activated. They are great for galleries, help windows, or even forms; but not for signing up for your email newsletter (Funny or Die). I want to get in to your site, and get out when I’m done. If I want to sign up for your newsletter, I will seek out the form myself and fill it out at my leisure, I do not want to be pestered every time I stumble upon one of your pages.

4.) Auto-Run Playlists

I rather dislike when a video finishes playing, it just skips to the next video. Then, to get back to the video, sometimes it can be difficult. There’s no “previous video” button, and there’s no “turn off auto-play” button; on some Websites, not all. What if I want to share that video? What if I want to replay the video? These are things that the website owner wants to happen, but does not allow to happen with an auto-play feature.

Example: MetaCafe

5.) Full Page Ads

Scattered ads throughout the page, I have no problem with. The ads I rather dislike are the ones that appear prior to the actual website that take up the entire page, sometimes even show an entire website. Worse so, some of them require you to wait a few seconds before you can skip the ad. I’m sorry, but this makes me want to leave right away.

I use AdBlock Plus which blocks the actual ad, but doesn’t prevent the window from showing. So, what I end up with is a nice white screen with a “Skip Ad” button. So the whole point of having the ad is lost on everyone who uses an ad blocker which is a large population, why not get rid of that type of ad all together and place them throughout the content?

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