GE Updater – New Features

By: McSwindler

Today I am announcing the new GE Updater site. The GE Updater now has its separate Web site which focuses completely on RuneScape and the updater. The new site should be much easier to navigate and find items.
In addition to all of the old features I have added a few new features to help your merchanting or whatever you may use the service for.

The Features

  • Mobile Web Support
    Along with the full GE Updater site I have developed a trimmed down mobile version ( Currently you can search for items, browse categories, and check up on the items you are watching. Item details include price, a static 30-day graph, and percentage changes. You can not modify any tracking / notification settings through the mobile site, although plans to change that are in the works.
  • Profit / Loss Calculator
    The new calculator allows you to calculate the profit or loss from what your buying and/or selling. It even allows you to add costs of items not in the GE database. Currently the calculator requires FireFox 4 or the latest version of Chrome.
  • SMS Price Checking
    You can now check prices anyone by sending a text message. If you have linked your mobile phone to your account you can simply text the name of the item you want using the prefix GEUpdate to 88147 and you will receive a message in return with the current price. More info on setting up and using the SMS system.

I hope you enjoy the new features.

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