Preparing the Control Panel

By: McSwindler

Since I am converting an arcade cabinet for MAME use instead of building my own I had the issue of having old button holes. I tried to use the holes for my new buttons, but I only was able to reuse 2 of them. What to do with the other 4 buttons? Fill them with putty of course.

Wood putty is simple enough to work with, just plop some in the hole and smooth out with a putty knife. When working with button holes, a.) it takes a long time to dry, and b.) it’s good to apply putty in 2 rounds. The first round I did not wait long enough for the putty to dry and kinda screwed it up.

Today I decided to get rid of the old Beach Head 2000 graphic and clean up the panel a bit to prepare for my new graphic. It will still be a while before I get the new graphic, but I was tired of the old one. Before I tore the adhesive up, I applied a new layer of putty to clean up the holes a bit.
Cleaned Up Arcade Control Panel

Pulling up the adhesive was a pain in my ass. It was really stuck on there, then after getting the main bit off there was a lot of residue. Goo Gone and the razor blade were my best friends today <3 After getting the residue off, well mostly (it's still kinda sticky), I got to sanding afterwards. Sanded down that putty nice and smooth, I think it turned out really well considering my first experience. The control panel is now all smooth and ready for a new graphic to glue on. The really good news is that today I ordered my new marquee and a new blue trackball off eBay. By the way Game on Graphix is the best place to get graphics for your MAME cabinet or other coin-op machines. Shhhh…Don’t tell anyone, but the coupon code “BYOAC” gives 10% off, thanks to Build Your Own Arcade Controls.

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