MAME Cabinet: Completed

By: McSwindler

I have finally completed my MAME cabinet after several months of hard word (tbh, and a lot of waiting). So, here is the completed cabinet, and some resources to help you build your own.

MAME Cabinet Completed

The final piece to the puzzle was the motherboard. While installing some new LEDs to the coin door, I managed to burn out the motherboard audio. Luckily, I have a 1-year warranty; unluckily, it was two days after the 30-day return window for Newegg. I contacted Asus for a replacement, they told me Newegg would handle it. It took about a month to get in touch with Newegg who told me Asus would handle it. Asus was much faster responding, and I finally got my replacement installed and working.


There are several online resources that I used to build my MAME cabinet, and here they are.

  • Build Your Own Arcade Controls

    This is an excellent resource, and one of the most helpful to me. There is a forum which you can ask questions and get very helpful answers. Without this forum, I would not have been able to repair my monitor. The site also hosts a wiki which I used mostly to setup the software.

  • Game On Grafix

    An incredible site for building a custom cabinet or restoring a classic. They have great reproduction artwork and MAME artwork, and you can even order custom artwork.

  • MAME Database

    An archive of every game supported by MAME, a great way to see if a game you want will work.

  • edge|emulation

    My personal favorite site to download ROMs

  • EmuMovies

    This is a place to download nearly every artwork for MAME games to make your frontend stand out.

  • Ultimarc and Suzo-Happ

    A couple sites to buy arcade parts. Chances are, you won’t be able to find a local seller, so you will have to buy online.

  • Tornado Terrys

    A local arcade parts seller in the Dallas area. You can also buy online, he has some great pre-build button sets.

  • Google Group

    A Google Group for arcade games, helpful if you are looking to purchase.

One Response to MAME Cabinet: Completed

  1. Dan says:

    Can you talk about the Zacate board you used and how you like it? Are you running Linux?


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