Review Schema Markup v1.0 – WordPress Plugin

By: McSwindler

This is a plugin I wrote for a games review site called Uninstalled Gaming. The plugin adds markup for reviewed items.

Review Schema Admin Panel
The plugin adds fields for the reviewed item on the post page. After filling this out, the data will be formatted in HTML as a At the bottom of the post, the appropriate amount of stars will appear. The stars are the only thing with specific styles, the text is completely customizable through CSS.

For example, this post utilizes the review schema for Left 4 Dead, and here is the Google richsnippet preview.
Review Schema Richsnippet Preview



v1.0 January 13, 2012

  • Release
  • Stars Display
  • Review Schema
4 / 5 stars     

3 Responses to Review Schema Markup v1.0 – WordPress Plugin

  1. valentin says:


    can you make the review stars available for pages too? I have a wordpress website based on pages

    Thank you!

  2. sharn says:

    without any plugins ,is it possible to make the schema for (IT) institution??? with attractive look

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