Netflix Buttons v1.5 – WordPress Plugin

By: McSwindler

I just finished developing the first version of my plugin: Netflix Buttons. This is a simple plugin to add the add, play, or save buttons to any post/page. Optionally you can add the movie image as well. It is a very simple plugin that uses the Netflix API to check the availability of the movie and then posts the appropriate buttons and image.

All you need is the ID of the movie which can be gotten from the URL to post the buttons. Initial setup requires a registered API key and secret from Netflix. After that, just use the trigger text [netflix:MOVIE_ID:img:BOOL:end] in your post. Replace MOVIE_ID with the ID of the Netflix Movie, and replace BOOL with either true or false.

If you are posting several movies in one post, there is a check to make sure the API isn’t overloaded with calls. Also, as of v1.5, there is a Netflix icon added to the TinyMCE editor to easily search for movies and insert into your posts.
Here is an example:




v1.5 July 5, 2011

  • Added TinyMCE Editor Icon with movie search

v1.0 July 4, 2011

  • Plugin Released
  • Image Support
  • Button Support

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