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GZip MySQL Database Backup with PHP and Cron

I know that I need to backup my database every once and a while, but I’m lazy and forgetful. I end up backing up maybe 4 or 5 times a year. Ideally, I want to backup every month at least. The bad news is, my host (1&1) doesn’t have any automatic backup, so I had to make my own. I tried Googling, but didn’t find anything that really fit my need.

I did find a script by David Walsh that almost worked. I used most of the original script, but had to remodel it a bit to fit my needs. View the backup script

Software and Frontend

Basically the most important thing in a MAME cabinet is, well, the MAME software. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and can emulate most every arcade game up until about 2005 or so. What is the point in having an arcade cabinet without being able to play any games, MAME solves this problem. MAME is easy enough to download and setup. Just venture over to and download the latest binaries, or source if you want to compile yourself, then extract. The MAME program by itself only runs from the command line, so you need a front-end to manage your games graphically, especially if your using a cabinet (you don’t want to have a keyboard instead of joysticks).

Mamewah Front-End
Read about all the different software I use in my MAME cabinet

Cutting Button Holes

Buttons are a very important part of arcade cabinets. Without buttons you can’t do anything except move around. My control panel plan is to have 2 joysticks with 6 buttons each, 2 player start buttons, 3 mouse/trackball buttons, 2 MAME buttons (escape and coin), and of course the existing trackball. Lucky for me I found a local arcade owner, Tornado Terry, that also sold some parts at a good price. He even had a bundle with the exact buttons I needed! Read on to see the planning and cutting

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