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Arcade Cabinet – MAME Build

I have been wanting to build a MAME system for quite some time now. Until recently my father would not let me get a cabinet to start my build. Now, he suddenly changed his mind…only after I had to pass up on several free cabinets. :P

After searching through several Craigslist listings, I found a nice one. Some one was selling a Beach Head 2000 cabinet with a USB interface installed for only $100! First, I googled what the cabinet looked like and it is a pretty nice, and big build. I also discovered that the cabinet is worth about $800 so, it was a great deal! After contacting the guy on a Friday, he tells me he did some googling as well and he decided to raise the price to $250. I talked him down to $200.

Beach Head 2000
Read the rest of the cabinet story

Single Element 3D Cube

The other day I saw some post about cubes in HTML/CSS using 3 different elements inside a container element. I then got to thinking: what if I did that with just a single element and all CSS? I then started messing around and eventually came out with the following. Fair warning: it only works properly in Firefox 4.0+ See the cube in action

Netflix Buttons v1.5 – WordPress Plugin

I just finished developing the first version of my plugin: Netflix Buttons. This is a simple plugin to add the add, play, or save buttons to any post/page. Optionally you can add the movie image as well. It is a very simple plugin that uses the Netflix API to check the availability of the movie and then posts the appropriate buttons and image.

All you need is the ID of the movie which can be gotten from the URL to post the buttons. Initial setup requires a registered API key and secret from Netflix. After that, just use the trigger text [netflix:MOVIE_ID:img:BOOL:end] in your post. Replace MOVIE_ID with the ID of the Netflix Movie, and replace BOOL with either true or false. View update information

New Updater System

Today I launched a new behind the scenes update to the Grand Exchange Updater. I set up a new price updater that works MUCH faster! I used ParallelCurl by Pete Warden to get all the data in Parallel instead linearly. Previously, the updater was very slow, took in upwards of an hour sometimes, and often crashed. Now, the new updater takes under a minute.

There were a few bugs, as expected, with today’s update which resulted in several repeat notifications. I do apologize for that, but it is now fixed.

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